Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD oil has been in the limelight for a long time now. CBD is derived from Cannabis sativa plant which is a highly useful product for both human beings and animals. For  human beings, it helps in treating various diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases as well as nervous disorders, depression and anxiety in patients. CBD oil is also very good for our skin, It helps to treat acne and pimples. CBD oil is been administered on animals as well to give positive results. For Pets, it is an energy booster which keeps your pets active all day long; at the same time, it helps in treating diseases in pets.

Pets can suffer from illnesses or diseases which are as follows :.

  1. Poisoning
  2. Obstruction in the stomach or gut
  3. Bloat
  4. Liver or Kidney Failure
  5. Parasites
  6. Pancreatitis


Let’s find out how CBD is helpful for dogs?

CBD has proven itself to be beneficial not only for dogs but other animals too.

It is used to treat various dog diseases to keep them fit and healthy. It is difficult to purchase CBD for animals in some countries because the use of CBD is illegal in most countries. However, you can consult your veterinarian regarding this. Most veterinarians have certain permits to purchase the product for your pets.

CBD can cure gastrointestinal disorders:

Gastrointestinal Disorders can affect dogs eating habits. If CBD oil is administered, then, not even dogs but other animals too, can be treated from gastrointestinal diseases. CBD oil can successfully reduce anxiety in your dog so that it becomes less susceptible to his surroundings.

What are the symptoms of Gastrointestinal disorder in Dogs ?

  1. Vomiting
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Blood in the stool
  4. Sudden loss of appetite
  5. Extreme thirst, or refusal to drink
  6. Abdominal soreness
  7. Inability to get comfortable (pacing, restless, whining).

To know more about how Gastrointestinal disorder will affect the guts of your dog, you need to understand the term “GASTROINTESTINAL MOTILITY”. Gastrointestinal motility is the term which says, how well the intestine moving waste along the intestinal tract. If there is an issue with GI motility, then there is something serious about Intestine, as it works complex. Studies have shown that, in this condition, CBD oil has improved GI motility. It reduces Inflammation & helps the digestive tract to proper function.


Do you know even dogs suffer from anxiety?

Yes! You heard it right! Dog may also suffer from anxiety. Dogs get anxious when they feel that any suspicious & unknown body enters their authoritative space. They express this feeling with monotonous loud barks. Remember, dogs will need time to adjust to new surroundings, so to successfully reduce anxiety, CBD oil will be a good alternative.


CBD oil can be used to treat a seizure:

A seizure is a sudden electrical disturbance which cannot be controlled in the brain. It’s highly dangerous for dogs and even can claim their life. Almost 5% of pet dogs suffer from seizures and epilepsy. Various harmful chemicals are given to dogs to calm down these disturbances, but it has several side effects that can affect the liver of dog. It has been recorded that out of 10 cases, only 5 survived; that’s why it is advisable to use CBD oil instead for safer treatment.


CBD relieves acute pain:

Dogs may also feel acute pain due to nervous disorders. This could be due to inflammation in different parts of the body. CBD treats Inflammation & relieves in a very short period of time.


CBD increases your dog’s appetite:

Dogs stop having proper meals. Their eating habits change all of a sudden. This is a major cause of concern as it leads to the deterioration of your dog’s health. You can include CBD oil in your dog’s diet. You will see that with time, their desire for eating and their hunger will increase and their diet will get back to normal.


CBD is very good for the heart:

It makes sure that the blood vessels of your dog’s body are not damaged under any circumstances, allowing blood to circulate with ease. It also reduces the heart rate as a result of which the blood pressure also reduces. Thus, it overall improves your dog’s health conditions.


CBD can be used to reduce inflammation:

CBD decreases the rate of production of a particular inflammatory hormone which is responsible for inflammation in animals. This hormone also causes allergies and autoimmunity syndrome. So, with the administration of CBD, the release of this hormone is reduced as a result of which various diseases related to inflammation do not occur. A decrease in inflammation also reduces pain. CBD oil can also decrease the production of inflammatory macrophages in the body which can be used to treat acute pancreatitis.


CBD can be used to treat cancer in dogs:

CBD suppresses the rate of cell division in the body of your animal. It can also increase the immunity of the body towards such diseases. It has an antitumor effect which is highly useful for treating cancer.


How to choose the perfect CBD product for your dog?

You should make sure that the product is absolutely authentic. You should buy the CBD products from a registered CBD manufacturer only. You should not go out looking for the cheapest product. Instead, keep your focus on the quality of the product. You should also know about the particular CBD products in details before you purchase it. Also, give a small amount of CBD to your animal at first to make sure that it is not causing any allergy or any other side effects. Only if your animal doesn’t react adversely to it, you should go for a higher dosage.


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