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CBD is one of the many products which we get from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is an extremely effective product of recent times. It is one of the major causes of interest for the scientists as well. Various research is taking place regarding the fields where we can effectively use CBD products. CBD has a huge number of benefits which aid eat human beings in several ways. CBD can be easily taken with your regular food items. Oral consumption in the form of pills is also permitted.

Research about CBD:

In a research which was conducted in the year 2017, it was seen that CBD was a relatively safe treatment for different kind of diseases as it does not have any severe side-effects. It can give positive results in almost all patients and it was seen that out of 10 patients, 9 could give effective results on CBD consumption.


How do you find the right dosage of CBD?

Finding out the right dosage of CBD is a herculean task and there are certain things which can affect the amount of CBD intake by your body. These are:

Bodyweight: A person’s body weight is also important in determining the right CBD dosage for you. A relatively fat person requires a higher dosage of CBD to produce a calming effect while a thin person can produce the same effect on a lower dosage of CBD.

Your current health condition: If you are already on some medication, then before CBD consumption, you should make sure that CBD does not react with the medicines which you are already consuming. You can take the help of a doctor for that.

CBD concentration: Concentration refers to the amount of CBD which is present in a given product. It is generally measured in milligrams. It is different from the dosage because dosage indicates the amount of CBD which is taken in by your body in a particular intake.

Tolerance: Each of our endocannabinoid systems is different and each of our bodies react differently to CBD products. Some people are highly tolerant of CBD while some people may be intolerant to the same dosage of CBD. So, it also depends on your internal body structure.

Do not blindly follow what others are doing as each body is different and only you will be able to understand yourself perfectly.

CBD dosage may also depend on the type of word problems you are suffering from. If you are suffering from a serious disease which requires vigorous treatment, then the doctors will generally prescribe a higher dosage of CBD for you. However, if it is for regular healthcare or the overall improvement of your health, then the doctors will mostly recommend you to consume a lower dosage of CBD and increase the dosage after regular intervals.

Thus, we can say that the CBD dosage depends on several internal factors of our body. So, it is better to consult a doctor about the dosage.

The risk factor:Is there any risk which we may have to face if we are taking CBD in higher amounts? Well, various researches have shown that CBD is a relatively safe product and even if we consume CBD in a higher dose, it will not cause any potential damage to our body. However, most doctors recommend that we do not exceed CBD intake by 40mg to 100mg a day.

There are various ways to know about the right dosage of CBD for your body and the best way is the trial and error method. You should start consuming around 40 milligrams of CBD a day and with each passing day, you should increase your CBD intake by 5 milligrams. As soon as you see that your body starts to feel uncomfortable, you should stop increasing the CBD dosage. In this way, you will be able to know what is best for your body. You should always start with a small dosage and increase your store dosage slowly until you were getting the right effect.

How to determine the CBD dosage for different CBD products?

For oil and tinctures: oils and tinctures are the liquid concentrated form of CBD which comes in small bottles. These bottles are mainly of 15 ml to 30 ml in size. These oils and tinctures consist of a relatively higher amount of CBD. The concentration may range from 100 mg to 5000mg. Most people intake 1 ml of CBD oil or tincture per serving. 1 ml contains roughly around 166 milligrams of CBD.

CBD vape oil: CBD vape coils are very similar to CBD oils and tincture. They also come in small vials which are 15 ml to 30 ml in size. These vape oils are also taken in small quantity as they are a highly concentrated form of CBD. The concentration generally ranges from 200 mg to 1500mg. So, one serving consists of around 250 mg of CBD. In most cases, the cartridges of vape oil have a capacity of 1.5 ml.

CBD edibles: It is very easy to calculate the dosage of CBD edibles because the CBD concentration is mentioned at the back of the products in most cases. You will be able to understand the right dosage for you from the concentration which has been printed. It also contains information regarding the amount of CBD which is being taken by a body in one serving. Most of the edible gummies have a CBD concentration ranging from 5 mg 200mg.

CBD topicals: CBD topicals are the products which can be directly applied to the skin. They are mostly used to treat skin disorders. CBD topicals come in the form of lotions, creams and serum. Most CBD topicals have a CBD concentration ranging from 250 mg to 1500 mg and

The dosage depends on the type of infection you are facing. If you are suffering from severe skin infection then you should apply it regularly on the affected area. However, in case of mild disorders, apply CBD lotions at least once a day.


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